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Where Has Zoe Gone?

Posted on July 10th, 2016

My posting on Social Media ShortCut has been few and far between in recent months and I think it’s time for an explanation. All is not only good, but absolutely awesome!
At the beginning of this year Mark and I traveled to the USA to work on our growing Amazon business. It was on returning from this trip that the reality of my future direction really took hold. I love training businesses to maximise social media, and I love the team of incredible clients (and friends) that I have grown through these trainings, but I’m ready for a new direction. Why? Where? What?
In a nutshell, Mark and I have been developing an online retail business selling a range of products (toys, clothing, shoes etc) through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. I have been building this business alongside my social media training one but we have chosen to focus exclusively on building our Amazon business.
This has allowed us to ‘retire’ Mark from his regular day job (as of the 1st of July) and we are embarking on a ‘Global Gypsy’ lifestyle. Traveling the World, working our business from our laptop, whenever, wherever and however we chose.
I write this from the gorgeous surroundings of the Southern NSW Coast, listening to the surf roll in. Mark and I head to the USA for August, then we’re off to Italy and France for September for family Birthdays and associated celebrations.
I think you can see why I have decided to completely close down the Social Media ShortCut brand. We have leveraged social media and internet marketing to build exactly the lifestyle business that we have always aimed for. While we are physically fit enough to enjoy it, we are off to do so.
So, while you will see SMSC website and social media accounts closed down, we are not disappearing alltogether. You will still be able to keep up with our travels via our website and social media sites. I encourage you (if you want to stay in touch) to like our page at and my personal twitter and instagram sites will continue to share my personal photos (and views of the world) along with business trainings I find valuable.
Thank you all for your support and friendship. I look forward to spending time with many of you as we travel the World and perhaps a glass of red wine – or two!
Cheers – Zoe (and Mark)