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Social Media Strategy For Business (Webinar Training)

Posted on September 28th, 2013

You’ve heard the buzz about social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, but do you wonder if there is a true benefit for your business in marketing on these sites?


Before you dive into using social media for your business, understand that there is a right and wrong way to “do social media.” Going beyond the ‘likes’ and hype, I show you (in this webinar) how to define your social media objectives, identify which social networks to be using, the do’s and don’ts of the Big 4 social media sites, recognize the importance of a social media policy and strategy, what to post on the social media sites and how often.

In the ‘Social Media Strategywebinar (replay below) you will be shown how to reach your clients on social media, and do this in a strategic, time effective way, focused on achieving your key marketing objectives.


Plus, I will be sharing my top tools for managing your social media to get the maximum results from social media in the minimum amount of time.


Be sure to stick around for the special bonuses I share toward the end of the Social Media Strategy webinar ;)


Click play on the video below to watch the webinar replay now.



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