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Social Media Professionals Training #SMPros14 Just Got More Awesome

Posted on September 1st, 2014

I messed up!




Well, you see, the Social Media Professionals Ultimate training has always been a 2 day bootcamp event limited to a very low numbers of attendees.  The first year we had a maximum of 12 people and then we increased this gradually (over 3 years) to an absolute maximum of 20 people.


This year is no exception with seats limited to the first 20 people to book. BUT, and here’s where I messed up, this year we have added a third day to the event, with a full day Social Media Masterclass. AND, because we made 1 Day Masterclass only tickets available for Social Media Professionals and #SMPros Alumni, there are some of the (maximum) 20 attendees that have booked for the Masterclass only.


SO….. Why is this so AWESOME for you?


What this means is that the Social Media Masterclass on Friday will have a maximum of 20 people attending, BUT, the 2 Day Social Media Professionals Bootcamp training (on Wednesday and Thursday) is going to have even fewer seats available.


We ‘could’ just open up the gates to Friday’s training and allow more people in, but we are not going to.


WHY? Because we said we wouldn’t. The event booking page, with full description of the training here, states that the event is,


So 20 Participants it is – MAX in the Friday Masterclass.


But the bootcamp training is going to end up having 10-15 participants. Which means, it just became even more awesome (if that is even possible) because it will be a smaller group.


To maximise the return on this event, we ‘could’ stop selling Masterclass Only tickets.


BUT, I’m not going to.


WHY? Because, I don’t want to stop motivated Alumni from returning for what will be an incredibly valuable (and fun) day.


SO…… (How many BUTs, SOs, and WHYs are there in this update!)




With ONLY 5 TICKETS LEFT…… The Social Media Professionals 2014 Ultimate Training and MasterClass will be a sell out!


BUT (oh there it is again!)…. The Social Media Professionals Bootcamp just got even MORE AWESOME.


I messed up. I know and I’m sorry :(


BUT….. for those attending the bootcamp, please forgive me. I just made it more awesome for you :)


See you on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September (yep next week!).


Ciao for now – Zoe


P.S. As I write this there are seriously ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!  So if you want to join us for the Social Media Professionals 2014 training, time to get off you “BUT-ts” (hehehe I couldn’t resist one more)  and BOOK!


P.P.S. Attendees of the Social Media Professionals event are warned in advance that Zoe will use the word “AWESOME” excessively during the training. By purchasing a ticket, attendees acknowledge this fact and waive any right of complaint in this regard.  Furthermore, any transference of the term ‘AWESOME’ into the speech of particpants while attending the training, and/or subsequently when referring to said training, is the attendees own responsibility!


See you next week!