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Social Media Marketing Services

Zoe Wyatt Social Media Marketing The Creative Collective We work with the team at The Creative Collective to provide a comprehensive suite of Social Media Marketing Services. The links below will take you to The Creative Collective’s website for further information but all work is performed in conjunction with us here at SocialMediaShortCut.
The Creative Collective pride themselves on establishing, building and maintaining an online profile for our clients, or advising on best practice when it comes to online reputation management.
As most people are aware, it is not particularly difficult to set up a social media account and start posting. So many individuals, organisations and groups go out ‘all guns blazing’. But where most struggle, and where we can add the most value, is in strategising objectives, drawing on our professional tools and software to assist the client to analyse their current setup, and that of their competitors; consider the issues associated with user-generated content and strategise reputation management, including consideration to their accounts’ and interaction with the company’s website and other marketing collateral.
As a company we ‘walk our talk’ too. We have our own Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube Channel, Blog, Company Wiki, and we regularly utilize tools to create brand awareness and online buzz as well as monitor ‘buzz’ about our company, products, people and our competitors, measure traffic from social media activities and more. We regularly dedicate time to stay up-to-date with this constantly evolving arena, via forums, e-newsletters, purchasing books, attending seminars, digesting daily RSS feeds from our favourite online information sources, sharing information and more.
Check out our range of social media services below:


1. Social media set up

Just starting with social media? Need assistance getting set up in one, two or more social networks? Get it right the first time with our social media set up packages. Click here for more.
2. Social media management

Need help managing your social media affairs? We have a range of social media management packages to help lighten the load of your social media activities.

3. Social media consults

Are you not sure what would be the best way to proceed in regards to social media and your business? Contact us to arrange a one-on-one consult where we can ascertain exactly where you’re at and where you could be with the help of social media and other marketing activities.


4. Social media training

Do you and your staff require training in social media? Contact us to find out about our one-on-one and group social media training sessions.


5. Social media policy

Does your company have an established social media policy? Social media policies minimise risk and empower staff. Having a policy ensures firstly that staff and franchisees know exactly what they can and can’t do when it comes to social media. It also provides the foundation for action if you find a staff member or franchisee to be in breach of the policy. Numerous instances exist in which staff argued against being sacked for misuse of social media by claiming they were unaware they were doing anything wrong because there wasn’t a policy in place. Contact us to find out more about developing a unique social media policy for your company and staff.

6. Social media mentoring

Have you set up social media and are now confused on how to get it working for you? Have you been busy on the social networks but are finding you’re not really getting enough business results for the time you’re currently investing? Are you struggling to keep up with the constant changes on the social networks and what these mean for you and your business? Do you believe that social media really can make a difference to your business (you should!) Check out our new monthly mentoring program, Social Media Success Squad, for just a limited number of people. Click here for more.