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Social Media For Professionals Training in Brisbane 19-20 September 2013

Posted on August 28th, 2013


I am pleased to announce that we are bringing the Social Media For Professionals Training back to Brisbane again, on 19-20 September 2013!


This Social Media training is for you if:


  • You are a Social Media Professional Marketer or someone who is looking after the Social Media Marketing of a business and you’re struggling to keep up with the latest tools, tricks and updates on Social Media


  • You’ve gone to a number of Social Media trainings where you received some good insights, but really most of the information you knew already, and you felt like you were giving more to the training than you were taking away from it


  • Whether you’re a Social Media Professional in a Marketing Firm, or the head of a medium to large organization Marketing team, or a Solo Entrepreneur or Small Business Ownerthat is responsible for all of your Social Media Marketing


  • You are looking to learn new skills or improve services for your clients or maybe just use Social Media Marketing in your own business.


Well if this is you, that’s exactly who this Social Media For Professionals Training is for!


Come and spend TWO FULL DAYS with me in Brisbane and network with some of the top people in the industry.


You’re going to walk away not only with my “cheat sheets” and information I’m using every single day in my Social Media Marketing business, but also a blueprint for what to do with your Social Media Marketing in the next 12 months.


We’ll be having lots of small group work where we’re going to be networking and getting right into your ideal target persona, along with sharing all of the tools, tricks and “shortcuts” to maximizing social media for your business.


This is our 3rd year of offering the Social Media For Professionals Training in Brisbane, and our expectation is that it will be better than ever. So don’t miss out…


Come join us on the 19-20 September in Brisbane for our Social Media For Professionals ULTIMATE Training…


If you have any questions, you can reach the Social Media ShortCut team at or through any of the contact options here.


More details about the Social Media For Professionals Training in Brisbane can be found here.




Zoe Wyatt