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New Page Notifications Make Facebook Page Management Easier

Posted on May 24th, 2011

Quick update on new page notifications that have popped up on my facebook page.

Recently facebook have added a quick “notifications” feature to the top right hand side of the pages that you are an admin on. These notifications are for when there is a comment, like or post to your page. So when you go to your page you can immediately see if there has been “activity” or notifications. You can click on the number for detail on these notifications.

If you have several Facebook pages, or are an administrator on many pages, then you would have to be checking each of these pages for new posts or monitoring emails and other management tools to keep track of activity on all of these pages.

A new feature now allows you to see Notifications for ALL PAGES YOU ARE AN ADMIN ON – from your home page of your personal profile. Now just log into your facbeook profile and on the left handside of your news feed, about halfway down you will see a “Pages” heading and along side it will be a number of notifications to ALL pages that you are admin on:

When you click on the number of notifications the page opens up with a list of all pages you admin and you can see the details of each page:

You can now, at a glance, see which pages have activity on them and then click on the down arrow beside each to see details of these.

A major time saver for anybody with multiple facebook pages to manage whether for yourself or clients.

Let me know if you’ve tried this feature and what you think. How to you manage your Facebook Pages? Are you using facebook or other management tools?