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How To Set Up A FaceBook Page For Your Business in 5 Steps

Posted on September 18th, 2009

What is the difference between a FaceBook ‘Profile’ and ‘Page’ – and why do you need one if you want to promote your business on FaceBook?

The second in the series of free Social Media Marketing Trainings, by Zoe Wyatt of SocialMediaShortCut, explains exactly what a FaceBook Page is, why you need one to promote your business and how to set up a Facebook Page in 5 simple steps …..

NOTE: Facebook has changed their terminology for the people that follow your Page and now rather than ‘fans’ you simple ask people to ‘like’ your page. This is a more comfortable term for new users as they can simply hit a little thumbs up button to like your Page rather than becoming a ‘fan’. When I refer to ‘fans’ or ‘becoming a fan’ in the following video this should now be taken as the same meaning as a ‘liker’ or ‘liking your page’.


“How To Set Up a FaceBook Page For Your Business in 5 Steps”

Once you follow the training and set up your FaceBook page, add the link to your page in the comments section below so we can all connect.

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So what do you think about FaceBook Pages to promote your business? Are you setting one up now? Do you already have a Facebook Page? If so, what is the link for us all to sign up as fans? Let us know in the comments below …….