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Facebook Post Attribution – The New Way to Post as Your Business on Facebook

Posted on September 5th, 2014


Facebook Posting Attribution is a big deal!  Especially if you manage multiple business pages on Facebook.



Well, up until now, if you wanted to post “as your business” on Facebook, you either had to post on that page or choose to “Use Facebook AS” your business.  This seems simple enough, but when you manage multiple pages and want to post or Like, Comment or Share from one of those business pages to another things got messy – and CONFUSING.


“What Business am I now? Which Page is this posting to? Am I in my personal account?” Arghhhhh – it’s all too hard.


Even if you only run one business page, it’s confusing as to whether you as posting as yourself or ‘the business’.  I often hear clients say they meant something to be posted from their business but instead it posted as themselves.  Or they have something wonderful in their personal newsfeed that they want to share on their business page ‘as their business’.  Arghhhhh – it’s all too hard.


Well it WAS.




Now you choose where to post TO and which account FROM on each individual post, like, comment or share. It just takes the flick of a switch.  Let me show you…..





Flick the switch, choose whether you want to post as yourself, or choose one of the pages you manage to post.


*Note you will need to be a manager (have admin access) of a page for the page to be presented to you as an option to post as.


And…. it gets better…..


Now you can share posts and choose which page to post the share onto and which page is doing the sharing.  Again, easier if I show you….





In this example (above) I have shared a post “TO” The Creative Collective’s Page but am posting it “FROM” Social Media ShortCut.


Here’s how it looks on The Creative Collective’s page on Facebook:





This has gone onto The Creative Collective’s Page as a ‘post by others’ – as I posted AS Social Media ShortCut.  But, as I’m manager on both pages, I can now choose to Like, Comment or Share this post AS The Creative Collective.


If you are managing multiple pages that target complimentary user groups on Facebook, then the idea lightbulbs should be going off ;)


For those of you joining us at the Social Media Professionals Ultimate training, then we are going to be delving into how exactly to use this new feature and how it can increase both your page likes and engagement in a flash!


Love to hear your thoughts – Are you using Post Attribution? And, if so, do you ‘Like’????