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Facebook Image Dimensions for 2015 – The Ultimate Facebook Size Guide

Posted on May 14th, 2015


I’m often asked about the optimum size of images for Facebook marketing:

  • What size should the cover photo be on my Facebook Page?
  • How big should a photo be to show up properly in the newsfeed?
  • What about Facebook ads on mobile devices?
  • How big should our profile photo be on Facebook?
  • And so on……

I have always referred people to the awesome guide that Jon Loomer created on ‘All Facebook Image Dimensions’.


Like most things on Facebook, the image sizes are constantly evolving (yep that’s ‘changing’), so I’m excited to share that Jon has just updated his Facebook images size guide – and here it is:

“MASTER GUIDE: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]“



Master Guide: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]
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Please do pin, tweet, post and share this with anyone marketing on Facebook. Getting your image sizes right is crucial to maximising your marketing results.

Love your feedback on this guide as well.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out Jon’s Facebook Page:
…. and let him know how awesome his guide is.