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Facebook For Business Workshops in Las Vegas, Chicago and Phoenix

Posted on September 10th, 2013


I’m coming to the U.S.A.!


I’m excited to announce that on top of the incredibly successful social media trainings I’ve been running all over Australia, I’m now launching our trainings into the United States of America!


The U.S. is close to my heart; I have friends there and I travel there a couple times a year to get my own professional development to train with the best of the best – for the best of the best!


An opportunity has come up, due to some other training and social commitments that I have in the U.S., that I will have limited space available in intimate, hands-on Facebook For Business Workshops, currently scheduled for Las Vegas, Chicago and Phoenix in October.


I’m thrilled to be bringing these trainings to the U.S. because those who have been wanting to work with me, whether they are from small, medium or large businesses, or if they are Social Media Marketing Managers – they can now gain access to work directly with me.


It’s important to note that due to the interactive nature of this training, each of the workshops will be limited strictly to a maximum of just 10 people.


I am open to trying to “sneak” some more trainings in between these workshops for private or group sessions, in which I just ask that you contact me and my Social Media ShortCut team directly to inquire further.


If you are serious about getting Facebook marketing to work for your business, I would love to work with you!


We are going to spend a whole day together, hands-on working on your laptops.


These Facebook For Business Workshops are for those of you who:

- Had someone else set up your social media
- You see the power of Facebook, but you just don’t get it
- You’re not sure how to separate your personal from your business life on Facebook
- You’re not sure that the structure of your Facebook account is correct


During the morning session:


- We’re going to be looking at your personal use of Facebook
- How you set up your privacy settings
- What’s appropriate in terms of marketing – what you can and what you can’t do
- If you have staff, how to know what they are doing, as well.


The afternoon is devoted completely to Facebook marketing for your business or for that of your clients.


You’ll be learning:
- How to setup your Facebook page the right way to be marketing on Facebook
- How to get people to “like” the page
- How to get people to interact
- How you make sure that you’re following Facebook’s terms and rules, while still getting maximum results


I LOVE watching the eyes light up and the lights come on for business owners when they really “get” the power of social media, and in this case, Facebook marketing. I would like to help that happen for YOU.


I am SO looking forward to working with just a handful of you in the good ole’ United States in October!


Remember, numbers are strictly limited, all of the details can be found here and you can also register for any of the events by clicking here.




Zoe Wyatt