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Facebook Changes All You Need to Know about the New Facebook Timeline and Features

Posted on October 5th, 2011

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Facebook Timeline

WOW there are a lot of changes over on Facebook of late, with new auto generated lists, new privacy settings, subscribe feature and more. But the biggest change is still to be implemented as your personal profile morphs into your new TIMELINE.

Find out whats new, how to navigate the new features and, importantly, how to secure your privacy settings to ensure you are only sharing what you want to (with the people you want to).

Timeline is being promoted by Facebook as allowing you to “tell your life story with a new kind of profile”. And it really is shaping up to be not just a social posting site, but a scrapbook of your life online – both past, present and future.

Rather than try to expalin ALL of the new features, changes and updates, I recorded a webinar with the details. This is long (it goes for just over an hour) but I encourage you to watch it all and update your Facebook settings as you go through the training. Any questions post them here, or over on Facebook (of course) at:

Facebook Changes What You Need to Know About the New Timeline Subscribe and Privacy Settings

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