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Are you breaking the latest Facebook Cover Photo Rule?

Posted on May 9th, 2013

Are you breaking the latest Facebook Cover Photo Rule?


I’ve had lots of questions on what businesses are allowed to put in their cover photo here on Facebook, so thought I’d do a general update for you all. In recent changes to Facebook Page terms and conditions, the restrictions to adding calls to actions and contact details on your cover photo have been removed but that doesn’t mean you can simply write an advertising piece on your Cover Photo.


Facebook rules and regulations change all the time (as I’m sure you all are well aware) and the most important recent change to their Facebook Page terms restrict the amount of text in cover photo images to 20% of the image.


Full facebook page terms are here:


What this means is that, even you do not have very much text in your cover photo, if that text is large, or spread out across the page, it may take up much more than 20% of the Cover Photo and be ‘technically’ in breach of Facebook’s terms.

Facebook are running automatic checks of this factor right now and, as you are all working to get your pages more and more popular, I would hate anyone to have their page deleted because they didn’t understand this limitation.

So here’s the guide to work out if your cover photo has more than 20% text and then, if it has, I recommend you all change these as quickly as possible:


This free tool allows you to check your page quickly and easily:


You can see here that on our Social Media ShortCut Facebook page, we had a total of 15 words on our cover photo, but had to re-work this as the text was spaced out across too much of the cover photo.



So what should you put in your cover photo? The simple answer is to use a photo that represents your business/products or service and then worry about adding text over the top (if necessary) up to a maximum of 20%. A great example we’re using on The Creative Collective page is a photo from their latest Web Wednesday training event. This photo doesn’t tell you all the services offered or try to sell you anything. But, if you are their target market, I do think you will be able to ‘put yourself in the room’ enough to ‘like’ the page for more information and connect with their posts.


Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the cover photo tool, and if you are re-working your cover photos due to the 20% text rule…….